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Stronghold Cats  Blue 6 Pack

Stronghold Cats Blue 6 Pack

Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2016):
I have 7 cats - 4 Pets, 2 outdoor Ferals and 1 - feral-want-to-be-pet. They are indoor - outdoor. I have a large property with woods behind the house. The cats go in and out to different degrees ( depending on the weather) all year long. They were all rescues and would go crazy confined to the house. They can come in contact with the ferals, at least within jumping distance of the fleas or sit on flea eggs. The product I use must be thorough on ALL of them.
I think I have seen maybe 2 fleas the entire time I have been using this product. I know because the cats sometimes sleep with me and I find a flea in my bed. ( I do not wear Stronghold!) Rather find it and kill it than not find it and have it replicate.

Great product for Fleas! My cats do get a few ticks, though, as this product is not designed for that.
it is supposed to kill worms as well. A vet friend told me it does not always work and that deworming would be advised just in case. ( I do see mouse parts outside but don't know who the murderer is.)

Hope this makes you laugh and keeps you and your pets flea-free.